If you’ve ever had a major waste project to organize, you know that there are roll off dumpsters of all shapes and sizes to handle your trash pick up. That provides a level of comfort, knowing that your waste will be handled by local professionals who can deal with it efficiently.

On a global scale, waste management provokes both controversy and innovation. We decided to explore examples from both ends of the spectrum, offering some perspective on how trash pick up is handled around the world.

Crazy Ways the World Handles Waste

Plastic Pavement Bricks from Trash

Whenever you feel like your clean up effort is reaching epic proportions, consider some of the crazy things that other countries must do to deal with their debris

  • According to the World Bank, the waste that came just from cities in 2010 was enough to equal a daily line of trash trucks that would measure 5,000 kilometers long.
  • In India, one man’s trash proved to be an engineer’s treasure, as a method was discovered to transform waste into roadways. The so-called “plastic-to-pavement” technique has been so successful that 11 states in the country have adopted it, creating several thousand kilometers worth of roads.
  • The amount of food thrown away in North America every year stands at 222 million tons, which is only 8 million less than the quantity produced by all of sub-Saharan Africa. With such extensive levels of famine in some countries, as well as the amount of childhood hunger here at home, balancing food waste is one of the biggest challenges the sector is facing.
  • The world’s fastest growing economy over the last 20 years is also its biggest waste producer, as China passed the US on that score in 2004. It’s no great surprise, but the concern is that China’s solid waste levels are set to rise 150% in the next 15 years, reaching almost 500 million tons by 2030 and requiring unprecedented expansion of landfill space and recycling efforts to keep pace.
  • After bringing in goods from around the world for its consumers, not only does the UK export most of its waste back out to other countries but now sees it as a valuable “economic resource.” With waste and recycling currently a $12 billion market for the country – and a projected $2 trillion industry globally before the decade is out – the opportunity could contribute significantly to the UK’s fragile economic recovery.

Escape the Insanity with Roll Off Dumpsters of All Shapes and Sizes
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